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in the violence continued in gaza and southern israel. the egyptian prime minister visits gaza. he described the attacks as a disaster and called for immediate international intervention. >> i am the prime minister, talking to you from the hospital so everyone can show there's a need to halt this immediately . >> welcome to gmt. i am david eades. coming up in the program, jaiels led for up to 24 years for crimes and acquitted. two croatian generals are walking free. and the brutal life as a slave in modern russia. >> the shop owner between a lot and hit me once nonstop for hours and even she hit me when i was pregnant. she had no mercy. london, 7:00y in a.m. in washington, and it's 2:00 p.m. in jerusalem and gaza, where the egyptian prime minister has called for immediate intervention to bring about an end to the violence which he has blamed on israel. he held a meeting with the hamas prime minister in gaza and there's a truce. israel says 50 rockets were fired into southern israel in that time and it launched further strikes on gaza in return. sirens have been sounded in tel aviv where two
, not for a week, they've been doing it for months if not longer. you have an entire population in southern israel that for them the reality is incoming rockets fired by the terrorists in gaza, i was at a city a few days ago with the prime minister, netanyahu, and we met a high schoolgirl, a 12th grader. she said to us, you know, kids all around the world when they hear a bell, that means a lesson is starting or a lesson is ending. in southern israel, we have a whole generation of young people, schoolboys and schoolgirls when they hear a bell, that's a siren. they have 20 seconds to get to a bunker, to get to an air raid shelter, otherwise, that missile could land on them. that's a reality we won't tolerate. that's why we're acting. we want to stop the rockets raining down on our people. >> my understand brg all this began last week, there were 750 rockets that hit southern israelment so few may argue the need to defend their country. last time, which was four years ago when you went to war with hamas, nobody came out ahead. the results were ambiguous at best. you may differ with that. but how do
other militant locations. in southern israel, leland vitter, fox news. >>> the iraqi government released a terrorist from custody. vice president joe biden called iraq's prime minister this week and told him not to release the terrorist, but the prime minister said that iraq no long her legal grounds to hold him. he is now back home in beirut. a development as senator mccain and lindsay graham are calling the results of this administration's failed foreign policies. >>> new developments in the consulate attack in libya. the white house said it never altered the cia's talking points, blaming the attack on al qaeda. former cia director petraeus told congress on friday the agency always knew that terrorism was involved. he's more. >> reporter: the mystery of who changeed the ci attacking -- on the libya attack deepens today as the white house weighs in and said no one there made the controversial changes. according to sources on capitol hill, former cia director general david petraeus told lawmakers on friday that the original cia unclassified memo said it was an al qaeda-linked te
's what we experienced today as some 200 rockets came into this area of southern israel where there are more than a million people living here. the only thing protecting the iron dome missal system behind me. but as we found out, it is far from rocket proof. we have more missiles coming in. you can see everyone running -- this is safest place. we will come in under here, and now we wait. those awful seconds that everyone in this part of the world knows what it is like to wait as the missiles are coming in. you know it is here. the question is, where will it hit? and there it was. the explosion nearby. what you don't know is whether that was the iron dome exploding, intercepting the missal or whether that was another hit somewhere around this densly populated residential area. that's the iron dome. you have an explosion in the air. we will walk around the other side where you saw this damage. when you talk about what these missiles can do, that's it. this is the other side of the apartment building we are on. you are looking at the gaza strip where the missal flew out of and th
and tanks bolt as talk of a cease fire continues. southern israel at school that was just hit less than an hour ago. leland? >>> good morning here from southern israel where there is still more than a million civilians in the line of fire. in fact it is completely changed daily life here. school closed and many workplaces are closed for just this reason we are out of here a large high school that has 1500 students. you can see the damage these rockettes caused. came through this roof here a concrete steel reinforced roof to a place where most kids gather for drinking fountains to eat their lunch that kind of thing. this is where it impacted. you can just image how many people might have been killed if students had been here. the conflict continues inside the gaza strip there was the air strikes that will continue by the israeli forces. they have hit some 1300 targets inside the gaza strips. there have been a number of palestinians killed so far in last night. there were a number of palestinians killed in the gaza strip. that caused condemnation in israel as they continue the process of
will be united in concern both at the intolerable situation for the residents of southern israel and the grave loss of life and humanitarian in gaza including the particular impact on children. on the 14th of november, the israeli defense forces began air strikes in response to a sharp increase in rocket fire. hamas and other militant groups responded with other rocket fire. as of today, three israeli citizens have been killed and at least 109 palestinians including 33 women and 26 children -- 11 women and 26 children also killed. we have made clear that hamas have the principal responsibility for the start of the current crisis but also that all sides have responsibilities. we quickly called on israel to seek every opportunity to de escalate their military response and to observe international humanitarian law and avoid civilian casualties. yesterday e.u. foreign ministers condemned the rocket attacks on israel and called for an urgent cessation of hostilities. we have also warned that a ground invasion of gaza could length b the conflict, and erode international support for israel's position
are firing back. this morning at least one rocket fired from gaza landed in a town in southern israel causing damage to cars and a bus. israel is still sending thousands of troops to the border with the gaza strip and has not yet ruled out a ground invasion. lebanon and iran are calling on arab states to help hamas in its fight against israel, but the majority of global leaders are cog for a cease-fire. but israel and hamas have very different terms for a truce. israel wants hamas to stop its rocket attacks and put an end to arms smuggling into gaza. hamas wants israel to stop assassinating its leaders and it wants israel to lift its blockade. >>> and u.s. now taking action to try to put a stop to that violence along the gaza strip. this morning president obama taking his most forceful stance yet, sending secretary of state hillary clinton over to the middle east. this, of course, is an abrupt departure for secretary clinton who had been with the president in cambodia for the east asia summit. marla tellez is joining us in the newsroom right marla, secretary clinton is expected to meet with l
and israelis launch additional air strikes. rockets from gaza hit several sites on southern israel. israel spopded with the attack on the house of the hamas commander. egypt's prime minister is visiting the gaza strip. there might actually be a live picture. more than two dozen people have been killed in the past three days of fierce fighting between militants in those areas. five of those killed, children. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >>> violence in the middle east sparking large protests in our region. last night two groups made their voices heard outside the white house. one crowd gathered in support of israel. the other pro-palestinian. secret service police and a metal fence were all that separated the two groups. >> we walked from the state department to the white house because of the united states' stance with the state of israel. >> we have heard rumors that there would be an anti-israel protest in front of the state department that would end at the white house, so we figured we would come here and support israel. >> despite their differences, both groups seem to agre
in southern israel where they were in firing range of hamas rockets and they've moved them to a more secure location in central israel that is now under that iron dome of israel's air defense system we've all talked about so much. they're hoping to get them out and get them back to their bases in europe in the next few days, wolf. >> barbara starr outside the israeli embassy in washington with that information, thank you. >>> we've seen a ground invasion of gaza before. this one if it happens could be very, very different. we'll take a look at some of the scenarios. >>> and as rockets rain down on israel from gaza, we're tracing what some call a pipeline, funneling weapons of training to hamas from iran. maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. up high! ok. don't you have any usefull apps on that thing? who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at qu
. southern israel was not quite so lucky. there were five people injured there when a house was targeted by one of the rockets. today the deadliest day for gaza, more than 20 have been killed. the deadliest attack over the course of the day was in a residential building. more than 12 people were killed when the building was hit. and then proceeded to collapse. most of the people that were killed were from the same family, including women and children. richard? >> stephanie, we've been watching channel 2 news out of israel, quoting hamas saying the negotiations for the cease-fire have failed. and saying that 90% of demands, that was hamas is saying. 90% of demands have been met what are you hearing about the cease-fire? >> well our understanding is that those talks continue. even though those comments are being reported by israeli tv, coming from hamas, that the delegates from the palestinian side and from the israeli side. as well as egyptians and a qatari envoy are still talking about the cease-fire possibility. here on the ground you had leaders in this country, including the foreign m
, certainly difficult also, to be very fair, for the civilians living in southern israel. we were there this morning, we were there for quite awhile and we ourselves in just about an hour and a half time, saw at least 13 rockets come over from gaza into israel. now we know that number is somewhere around 300 since this latest fight, this latest battle between gaza and israel began. it has been a very difficult night for people here and you can really tell, because when you go into the streets, this is one of the densely populated cities of the world, perhaps the most densely populated city, and if you look in the streets that are usually bustling, filled with people, filled with cars, there are hardly any cars. there have been almost no people and all the shops closed. so a very, very tense place here in gaza and in southern israel as well. >> stay with us. i want to bring in fred plankton in southern israel. also there, a senior correspondent for global post. fred, i know you're hearing jets right now. what's the latest where you are? >> absolutely right, anderson, there are jets
express our concern for the people in southern israel and for the grave loss of life in gaza. i think all of us, across the european union, including also america and beyond, need to be putting pressure on israeli prime minister and on all those that have contactto with hamas o stop the fighting, stop the bombing, and that is exactly what i have done. over the weekend, i spoke twice to the israeli prime minister, once with the president of israel. my partners are also working very hard to persuade both sides that we need a cease-fire. beyond that, with a proper discussion on the future of israel and palestine in them he is right to say any such cease- fire deal can be turned into permanent peace if there are a meeting for resumption of negotiations towards a two-state solution. this has shown us again there is once with the president of israel. no peace nor a peace process. the international community had done their responsibility for the abject failure of having a meaningful negotiations nine years on from the promise of the road map for peace. can he therefor set out to the house what b
kind of cease fire agreement, today was anything but a period of calm for civilians in southern israel. we visited a neighborhood in beer sheva earlier today, visited members of a family who narrowly escaped death. the hamas rockets came toward beer sheva and hit the ground. people scrambling for cover even in residential neighborhoods. this house was hit by a rocket a few hours before we arrived. and from the outside it didn't look too bad. but inside it's another story. a mother and father and four of their children were inside the home when it was hit, when the sirens went off they had less than a minute to run into their safe room. and they made it. they survived. we did the procedure the husband says. we went to the safe room, closed the door. we heard a big boom and straight after that an electric outage. he says the young girls were in a little hysteria. we were lucky we entered the safe room. his wife says their fear was at first for the family and to protect the children. then later when they saw the incredible damage, they were stunned. we will go to a hotel for a few days un
in southern israel with the latest on the conflict. david? >> reporter: at this hour, top ministry in israel are meeting behind closed doors to discuss a post-cease-fire agreement. as they continue to talk, the bloodshed continues. in the past if hours, israel continued to attack sites in gazsites ingaza. in total they targeted 1400 sites. among them, a stadium, a sports stadium where the israelis said hamas militants were launching rockets to israel. among the other targets, the media center where they say the militants were using communications facilities to get in touch with people on the ground. in total, more than 100 palestinians have been killed. half of them civilians. among them 1 11 civilians. all of them from the same family. most women and children killed from a single airstrike over the weekend. israel says the strike was the result of targeting the home of a rocket mastermind who was working for the militants. meanwhile, the militants in gaza continue to fire rockets in to israel. today, more than 100 rockets were launched. almost half of them were intercepted by the iron dome
, this is of course something that people here in southern israel call mowing the lawn when they feel that their army, when their air force goes in and bombs gaza for a couple of weeks at some given point in time but hamas is still there and they think that's the root of the problem. that possibly some months down the line they will be facing the same problems again. however, i do say i've been speaking to some people here on the ground who say peace and quiet for a while is good. and they are happy that the cease-fire now appears to be in place, wolf. >> so you're seeing people on the streets right now? they're coming out of their homes. are they celebrating the way they are in gaza? >> reporter: well, no, they're not. it's interesting though that you say that. there are some more people out on the streets now that we've seen though over the past couple of days and certainly than we've seen during the daytime. one of the thing we have to keep in mind that especially today was a pretty busy day here. there were a lot of rocket alarms here in ashkelon. we were actually out today with a squad that pick
into southern israel in just the past 24 hours. palestinians all fired a long-range missile today that landed just 12 miles from tel aviv. in gaza today hundreds of palestinians attended the funeral of a hamas military chief who was killed yesterday in a targeted attack. the israeli government has claimed credit for this incident, even posted video of the air strike at the precise time that it went down. it took to twitter to warn other hamas leaders to not go above ground in the coming days. hamas responded by saying israel has, quote, opened the gates of hell. last night president obama spoke with prime minister netanyahu about the escalating violence st stressing israel has a right to defend itself and urging him to make every effort to avoid casualties. amin, we saw that air strike, and a lot of people believe that was the moment this all escalated. the escalation and we've seen ebbs and flows but about ten days ago is when we saw a significant turn perhaps. >> reporter: that's correct. there are two very competing narratives about what happened. from the israeli perspective they say they
sides of the border in the line of fire. our sara sidner is in gaza city. let's go to southern israel where israeli tanks are on the move. the israeli defense forces say at least 30,000 troops are being mobilized along the border with gaza and thousands more are getting their marching orders. as we said, cnn's frederick is live along the border. you have been on the front lines there. what type of military activity are you seeing? >> hi, randi. a lot of military activity going on here between the border area between gaza and israel. we just had armored vehicles come through here and moving in closer to the border. of course, a lot of people believe that israelis must launch a ground offensive into gaza quite soon and we are seeing a lot of troops really near the border of our area and the israelis have also called in tens of thousands of reservists and reporting for duty right now. when you go along the border area you see units that are hiding behind tree lines and they are, obviously, very wary of getting shot at from gaza. you see a lot of tanks emasing there and armored vehicles a
states and it promises us the people of southern israel peace and quiet. that they no longer have to fear rockets coming in. the promise of the possibility to live a normal life. >> i understand that it promises the people of gaza a better future we are hearing by the "new york times" that the terms stayed that under lying grievances the border restrictions the movement of people and goods will be addressed 24 hours after the cease fire is in effect. that is a big move by israel. i think it is important to remember the following, the there is cause and effect. when we pulled out of gaza and pulled back, there were no restrictions in place. they were placed when we started to see violence and terrific and rockets aimed at our people. that is only normal. they were shooting at us they couldn't expect to have normal relations. if we were going into a period of quiet, obviously, that changes the reality for us and allows us to turn a page. we don't see the enemy and we have no trouble taking steps that improve the quality of life. >> one of the main concerns is that this is going to one step
is returning to normal in southern israel and gaza. schools are open in gaza for the first time since the fighting began last week and both sides agreed to a cease-fire. we know that happened wednesday. shootings and rocket fire have stopped for the most part except for one incident yesterday. we'll have much more on the end of the hostilities there in just a few minutes. >>> and let's move to egypt now where protesters had gathered in cairo's tahrir square calling for the ouster of president mohamed morsy. opposition leaders say new powers grabbed by morsy make him look like a dictator. reza sayah has more on the massive protests. >> reporter: outrage, clashes and anguish in tahrir. thousands of angry egyptians back in a public square that has become the arab world's emblem for the democratic right to protest. this was where egyptians demanded the ouster of former president hosni mubarak last year. this time the fury aimed at current president mohamed morsy. >> we're here because we don't want morsy to rule us anymore. >> a one-man show. he wants to do everything. nothing at all of w
now, air strikes pummeled gaza overnight and rockets hit southern israel as secretary of state hillary clinton heads to that region today. we've got a live look at the gaza strip this morning. israel targeted 100 sites overnight, including terror tunnels and ammunition storage facilities. at least five palestinians were killed, ten wounded so far in those attacks. in response, gaza militants fired 60 rockets towards southern israel. in the meantime an israeli man with a knife and an ax attacked a security guard today at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. the guard was slightly wounded in the leg but was able to file a warning shot in the air and catch the suspect. the suspect's motives are still unclear. >>> secretary of state clinton is heading to the middle east in a big show of diplomacy with a goal of trying to get israel and hamas to stop fighting. tracie potts has more details on what the obama administration right now is hoping this trip will accomplish. >> reporter: more explosions in gaza this morning as tensions between israel and hamas show no sign of ending. negotiations are und
the southern israel border with the very latest. david lee? >> hi, rick. israeli air strikes have continued with the intensity increasing in the last 24 hours. the latest figures are that 238 targets in gaza have been destroyed. among those targets, they've gone after rockets, rocket launchers, smuggling tunnel, headquarters of the palestinian prime minister, and there is also been a targeted assassination of a top hamas military leader. the death toll now stands at 45 palestinians killed. 350 wounded and three israelis killed. also in the last 24 hours, the rocket fire from gaza has continued. one of those rockets targeting tel aviv. it was shot down by the israeli military's defense system, iron dome. the rocket was shot down bay newly installed battery. there are now five of these iron dome batteries in israel. they just added a fifth one. people in tel aviv watched on their in their balconies looking up in the sky as the interceptor soared overhead, destroying the rocket. they say the success rate of the iron dome system is now at 85%. it has saved not only countless lives, but also mil
in southern israel including ashos. israel deployed iron dome missile defense and blows up the 25 missiles . we found out today it is far from perfect. we have more missiles coming in and you can see people running. this is the safest place come in under here. missiles are coming here. this is a building where three people died and you can hear the screaming and see the police trying to get everyone in and now we wait. awful seconds in this part of the world knows what it is like to wait as the missiles coming here and you know it is here, but the question is where it will hit. explosion nearby. and what you know if that is a iron dome exploding or intercepting the missile or another hit somewhere around the densely populated residential area. that is the iron dome and we'll walk around to the other side . you will see the damage. when you talk about what these missiles can do. that's it. this is the other side of the apartment building we are on with a direct hit killed three people inside of that apartment and seriously injured a baby. >> this started about 24 hours ago when a pin pointe
attacks coming from gaza into southern israel, that started the response. if you ask those here, it's actually been a continuous attack on the gaza strip. and that ultimately led to frustration. over the past week, we've seen several palestinians killed. today, we've seen from the israeli site, three people have been killed from palestinian rocket fire in the southern part of israel. i'm going to tell you where we are quickly to give you context. we're standing at the upmost or farthest point on the gaza strip. between the crossing between israel and gaza. on the way in here, we saw about three dozen aid workers, from oxfront are and others, they're here, the 1.5 palestinians still here, you can hear that sound as well but for them, they're unable to leave. so there's a great fear, anxiety and tension that the coming days are only going to have more violence. over the past 24 hours there have been a barrage of rocket fire into southern israel. but we've noticed there have been several israeli air strikes inside here. >> ayman, it's worth bringing up the fact this is the biggest conf
into southern israel. >> triggered by an air strike that killed the top hamas military commander. sayre -- sara sidner is following the story. >> reporter: you can see gaza behind me. there has been air strike after air strike after air strike. we ourselves witnessed three air strikes, major hit. we could see fire and then three plumes of smoke. since then we've been also seeing and hearing rockets coming over into southern israel. we now know there are three people who have died in israel in an apartment building very near, within a 7 kilometer radius of gaza in israel. we also know that at least seven people have been killed here in gaza and the air strikes are continuing. right now we do and we are watching the funeral happen, of ha the leader of hamas' military wing, that is going on as we speak. thousands of people attending that funeral. a very important figure, someone who people see as one of the founders of hamas, a symbolic member of hamas as well. we are expecting this to continue for quite some time. we really have no idea, we have no guidance from either side as to when the fightin
today. >> it seems like more rockets are coming n we are one of the largest schools in southern israel and this one got hit. here in the united states we have snow days and here there is rocket days. no students were here. can you imagine what would happen when the rocket went through the cement ceiling and the scrap nel destroyed the bench where students would have been sitting had they been at school. thankfully they were not. one of the rockets that came in southern israel. some were intersepted and some were not. israeli air strikes continue to pound. the way you saw huge explosions all over the gaza strip. and weapons and infrastucture places that were targeted and also that got hit, a family home. 11 family members died in that. we are 100 palestinians dead inside of the gaz strip. half of those civilians, about half were militants along the israel/gaza border. they are now staring out at a lot of the israeli tanks. it is israeli infrantry getting ready for a ground invasion . it would come in the next 24 or 48 hours. they would push in and try to occupy the land that is used to
. we saw people hunkering down when they heard the sirens in southern israel. we saw ourselves, dozens of rockets coming over being blasted out of the sky by the iron dome. so an actual full-scale war may not have been declared, but it certainly feels like that to the civilians that are dealing with this for the past couple of days. we know that there have been more than 200 rockets fired into israel. and there have been more than 120 air strikes that have come over gaza. you just heard the very latest one just now, wolf. >> that was an israeli air strike that we just saw and heard behind you? is that right, sara? >> reporter: yeah. that's what we understand. because here's what's been happening. we have been listening to this time and time again. it sounds like the exact same sound we have been hearing. first you usually hear the sound of a plane. and then you hear what are massive blasts, very, very different from when for example you hear a rocket coming out of even a grad rocket coming out of gaza. those have a very different sound. of course a very different sound from small arms
into southern israel so long as israel maintains a siege on gaza. they want it lifted and they want guaranteed backed by the international community that israel will no longer engage and target and kill senior leaders of the palestinian factions here in gaza. they want all of these demands guaranteed by the international community. for its part israel wants to approach it from a different angle. they want a complete cessation of hostilities for 38 hours for so followed by a -- other concerns they have. the challenge for egypt is to try and close that gap as quickly as possible because essentially everyone here feels that they're running out of time. you have the israelis amassed on the border and palestinian factions still firing rockets and caught in the middle are the 19.6 million palestinians living in gaza subject to the attacks from the israeli side. this is the challenge egyptians negotiate with the u.n. officials today including the secretary-general as well as turkey's prime minister and regional leaders participating in these talks. tamron. >> we got information in from the white hous
the attacks. israel expanding the bombing campaign in gaza and hamas rockets raining down on southern israel. it's only getting worse. so is the u.s. doing enough to support its ally israel? you'll hear from batched john bolton and senator john mccain and a live report from southern israel. senator-elect ted cruz is here. he said he knows how to get the g.o.p. message out to hispanic voters. you'll hear his plan, but first, the crisis in the middle east. >> we've got the sirens going. we've got the sirens going. we'll keep going. this area was hit once before. we're going to keep moving. we're going to grab this. keep coming this way. >> they're crumbling all over the middle east. >> you have people determined to destroy israel. >> we want hamas to stop firing on us, and we want to create a situation where they cannot fire at us every other day and pair lies after the country. it's a terrorist group that wants the destruction of israel. no nation would put up with what hawaii 6 israel has up until now. they have to defend their people and their nation. >> this is where the rocket hit. you ca
reports from southern israel. >> reporter: ground invasion of gaza or truce. the officials say it's 50-50 leaving 3.5 million israelis to the mercy of palestinian rockets. defended by israel's new hero, the iron dome, an antimissile missile system, made in israel helped by american money. of 900 rockets fired at israel in six days, only about 30 hit populated areas. >> we enjoy the iron dome, which is a huge success, and luckily -- >> reporter: the siren now. >> right. >> reporter: there's a siren now. let's see what happens. it will only fire -- >> reporter: the system calculates which rockets will hit an inhabited area and knocks it out like here and ignores all others, but it fails two missing about two out of ten, officials say, making life scary. children in bomb shelters for the sixth straight day. i'm afraid of the sirens, the 7-year-old says. there's another siren. we're going in the kids' shelter. just as we left. not sure how many rockets are being fired right now, but the iron dome one, two, three -- four iron dome rockets are exploding. we'll see what damage it did. five ro
, but the israelis said their "iron dome" defense system intercepted 13 incoming rockets over southern israel. southern israel. all of this followed mounting tensions in recent days. on saturday, another palestinian militant group claimed responsibility for this attack on an israeli army jeep that wounded four soldiers. the israelis and hamas had exchanged other blows, as well, and, earlier this week, neither side showed any sign of stepping back. >> ( translated ): the islamist and nationalist parties have the right to resist the zionist occupation and to confront its aggression by all available means. >> the matter has definitely not ended, and we will decide how and when to act at the time when there will be a need. >> suarez: with today's escalation, egypt pressed for an end to the israeli air strikes. today, palestinian president mahmoud abbas asked the arab league to call an urgent meeting to discuss the strikes, and united nations chief ban ki-moon called for a "de-escalation of tensions." >> suarez: for more, i'm joined by phone with sheera frenkel, middle east correspondent for the "
this evening in southern israel. today, we heard from hamas leaders. what are they saying david lee? >> shep, let me give you breaking news, just a few moments ago we got word that three israeli cities in southern israel came under rocket attack. we could see the interceptor missiles overhead. this happening just a few moments ago. it was the first rocket attack we have seen in southern israel in the last several hours. now, as for the question about the hamas leadership, as hamas -- as i sudden say as gaza came under fire today by the israelis. the leader, exiled leader of hamas, michelle was speaking in cairo, that's where the cease-fire discussions are taking place. and he said that hamas is not calling for any ground war or escalation, but despite the fact that hamas over the last year has fired more than 700 rockets into israel, he said israel is the aggressor in this conflict. listen to what he said. >> we will not accept any -- they are the ones who attack. a cease-fire will cure when our demands are met. >> just what are those demands? two key points that the hamas wants to make. the
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